"Never lend your car to anybody to whom you have given birth"
Erma Bombeck

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Engine Maintenance

Your owner’s manual contains detailed maintenance schedules outlining operations that should be performed on your vehicle’s components and systems at specific mileage intervals. Here at Biel Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair we have state of the art diagnostic systems. A properly maintained vehicle is safer and more dependable, lasts longer and makes driving more enjoyable!

air condition

Air Condition Services

At one time ice was used to cool the inside of a vehicles cabin area. Modern technology now allows us to turn on the A/C and the compressor compresses the systems refrigerant (Freon) to give us that “cool as a cucumber” feeling. The ventilation system’s motor blows air over the cold evaporator and pushes air into the inside of the car. Are you refreshed and cooled when you turn on the A/C? If it’s not cold enough or it’s taking too long to cool down, don’t sweat it, come in and let one of our master mechanics do an A/C performance check on your vehicle.


Most car manufacturers now recommend on- car brake lathes to be used when doing brakes. Biel Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair was a leader being one of the first repair shops in Prescott to have this high quality tool available. Our master technicians will visually inspect hydraulic systems for leaks, remove all wheels and measure brake linings ,and add new brake fluid to the master cylinder as needed .In addition, a routine road test insuring proper brake operation is our standard of care It is always guaranteed that we will use only parts of the highest quality.

Suspension and Steering

The suspension effects how your car handles when driving. Steering or suspension issues may cause: vibrations when driving, problems concerning your cars ability to safely accelerate, and problems when braking or going around corners. Your vehicle’s frame, steering system, tires, springs, struts, and wheels all make up a vital part of the car’s suspension system. Because shocks and struts have so much to do with the handling of a car, they can be considered critical safety features. Stability helps to ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. If you notice any issues concerning these areas, let one of our master technicians at Biel Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair take a look in order to prevent major problems down the road.

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